Maslak Square project rises in two office blocks. One of the blocks rises for 21 floors, while the other follows it for 11. They are designed to work in a coordinated fashion as well as with independent use in mind. When the blocks are used in tandem, bridges between the blocks provide connections at every second floor. When used independently, each block is capable of offering completely autonomous technical infrastructure, as well as separate lobbies and drop-off areas. In this context, the project is capable of offering a diverse range of alternatives to its occupants.

Two distinct commercial uses are possible for the ground level of the project: with direct connection to the street, or isolated from outside, for use as a food court. Units connected to the street are capable of serving as independent stores enabling fully autonomous use, while the units at the food-court serve the catering area shared in the middle.

Block’ typical floor space is 1250 m2. When combined, the two blocks provide 2500 m2 horizontal office space. At each block, gross floor height is 4 meters, while face axles have a modulation of 1.35m. The higher block has 6 elevators with destination-selection capability for general use, compared to 4 in the lower block. Furthermore, each block is equipped with service and parking lot elevators. Core layout also allows for alternative uses.

The building is being equipped with more effective systems to enhance the conservation of energy, with a view to achieving LEED Gold green building certification. In this perspective, operational costs will be curbed as much as possible, and the waste amounts will be minimized. For construction and fitting, recyclable materials and brands were chosen.