Ground Floor: 4800 m2
Ground Floor Mezzanine: 3200 m2
1st Floor 2600 m2
2nd Floor 1900 m2
3rd Floor 2200 m2
4th Floor 2200 m2
5. Kat: 2200 m2
6th Floor 2200 m2
7th Floor 2200 m2
8th Floor 2200 m2

9. Kat: 2200m2
10th Floor 2400 m2
11th Floor 2400 m2
12th Floor 1100 m2
13th Floor 1100 m2
14th Floor 1100 m2
15th Floor 1100 m2
16th Floor 1100 m2
17th Floor 1100 m2
18th Floor 1100 m2

19th Floor 1400 m2
20th Floor 1100 m2
21th Floor 1100 m2
2nd Basement: 6900 m2
1st Basement: 4800 m2
1st Masement Mezanine: 3800m2
6th Basement: 6900 m2
5th Basement: 6900 m2
4th Basement: 6900 m2
3th Basement: 6900 m2
Total: 700 vehicles

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